Timberborn – Beta Demo

Timberborn is a lumberpunk city-building game where you manage a colony of industrious beavers as they build wooden cities and bring life back to the dry wastelands of Earth that mankind left behind.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer last year during the closed Beta sign up Timberborntakes place in a far flung future where mankind is long gone and beavers have risen up to be the dominant life on Earth. The toll mankind left on the planet has turned it into a dry wasteland, but if there’s one thing beavers are good at then it’s water management.

In Timberborn you’re able to harvest wood and other resources, and use them to build and run your mighty beaver empire. You’ll be able to turn your little settlement into a thriving beaver city using a modular vertical architecture system that allows you to stack buildings atop each other. There’s a wide variety of structures you can build, including water based power generators, monuments and even fun park rides.

Water is possibly your most valuable resource and the fact that you have wet and dry seasons mean that you need to manage it well. You can redirect rivers with dams and explosives and you can set up storage and irrigation facilities that will keep your farming land arable.

It’s perhaps not the most accessible building management sim at the moment, but if you stick with it then there’s a lot to like about Timberborn. The detail in the various woodpunk structures is very impressive and the various ways you can manage your water supplies makes for a very unique take on the genre. See what your busy little beavers will build!

Download the Timberborn Beta Demo Here (Steam)