Time and Again – Game Jam Build Download

Time and Again is a cleverly crafted top-down puzzle game where your character repeats your actions, whether you want them to or not!

Created for the Brackey’s Jam 2020.2, in Time and Again you control a little character whose aim is to reach the exit of each level. You can move any way you like, but after a certain amount of moves (usually 2 or 3), then your character will repeat that chain of moves again.

So if you move right, up and right, then your character will move right, up and right another time before you can take control of them again. This can be a real problem as it can cause your character to walk off a ledge or into a spike trap, so you need to plan your movements and make sure they are safe to repeat.

Things start off fairly easy, but the difficulty soon ramps up as you make your way through the game’s 10 levels. It’s a create little puzzle game with some deviously designed levels that really require you to plan ahead – every step you take can have disastrous consequences further down the line!

Download Time and Again Here (Windows)