Time Killer – Prototype Download

Time Killer is a very fast paced roguelike FPS where time is your health as you race through levels, earning a few precious seconds for each kill.

In Time Killer time is the real enemy. You start the game with just 20 seconds to race through its randomly generated levels, which is nowhere near enough, but you earn extra time for each enemy you kill. You get awarded 1.5 seconds for each kill, but are awarded more time depending on how you kill them (headshots, while wall-running or in the air). You have to be careful though, the enemies shoot back, and each time you’re hit you will lose vital seconds. Reach the end of a level and you’ll be able to choose a perk which will aid your progress on future levels.

Considering it’s a prototype created in 2 weeks, it’s a very impressive game. It’s very tough, but also very addictive, with a great flow to the movement and tight controls. You’ll need some real skill to even beat the first level, but once you get into the zone then it’s a real joy as you jump, slide and wall-run through levels while chaining together headshots. It’s a great way to kill time!

Download The Time Killer Prototype Here (Windows)