Time Loader – Alpha Demo

Time Loader is a charming and creative physics-based puzzle platforming adventure where you control a cute little robot vehicle that has been sent back in time to prevent a tragic accident.

Currently in development by Flazm Interactive Entertainment (creators of Scrap Garden and the Train Valley games, Time Loader is a beautifully crafted physics based puzzle platforming adventure where you control a little four-wheeled robot with a mechanical grabbing arm. You’ve been sent back in time (via a time-microwave) with an aim of altering history to prevent a small child called Adam from having a terrible accident. It may not be easy though, as time doesn’t like being messed with…

The current build of Time Loader contains six levels and is a whole lot of fun. Your little robot can jump and scramble up ledges and its grabbing arm can be used for swinging from structures or for grabbing and throwing objects. The game takes place in a normal 90’s family home so there are some fun little touches of 90’s nostalgia and lots of creative level design based around the normal everyday structures you encounter.

Even in the Alpha stage of development Time Loader is a very polished experience which really impresses with its interesting narrative, beautiful visuals and inventive level design. It’s packed full of great little touches and it’s a delight controlling your little yellow robot – which manages to exude a surprising amount of character considering it doesn’t speak. Highly recommended.

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