Time Loader – Beta Demo

Time Loader is a beautifully crafted narrative-driven physics-based puzzle platforming adventure where a little wheeled robot is sent back to the 90’s to prevent a terrible accident.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer in May last year, Time Loader is a physics-based puzzle adventure where a robot is sent back to the 90’s to prevent an accident that left its creator wheelchair-bound for life. Your mission (initially) is to eliminate the toy car that your creator slipped on to cause the accident, but to do so you’ll have to navigate the various rooms in a home that’s filled with obstacles for you to overcome.

The current build of Time Loader features a sizable chunk of gameplay and takes around 45 minutes to play through (there are a lot more levels than in the previous build). Some of the obstacles in your way can be overcome with a little physics-based platforming, but a lot of them will require a bit more thought as you push, pull, activate, screw and throw various objects.

It’s a very impressive game with lots of inventive puzzles, incredibly detailed environments and a very physical game world to interact with. Each room is packed full of lots of great little bits of 90’s nostalgia and the narrative gets really interesting as it starts to delve into the consequences of your time-meddling. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Time Loader Beta Demo Here (Steam)