Time Raid – Alpha Download

Time Raid is a very cleverly crafted time bending first/third person puzzle adventure in which you travel back short distances in time and working alongside up to 100 previous versions of yourself simultaneously to solve Portal-esque puzzle rooms!

In Time Raid you play a test subject who must make their way through a series of test rooms as guided by a funny and slightly homicidal AI called Alice. Due to some experimental (and involuntary) surgery you now have the ability to time travel back short distances in time, but there is a catch – you have to kill yourself to do so.

When you kill yourself (or are shot dead) you will be able to instantly respawn back in the past alongside previous versions of yourself and co-operate with them to allow you to progress through the level. We’ve seen similar concepts before, in the likes of Time Rifters, Timeless and Reset but nothing quite as ambitious as Time Raid, which allows you to work alongside up to 100 versions of yourself simultaneously, with the devs planning to increase that number even more in future builds.

Things start off simply, but the difficulty soon ramps up, with guards, gun turrets, keys and weapons being introduced. The current build does have a few bugs, that mainly happen once AI guards and combat are introduced (such as the way the guards don’t reset their positions if you restart a level) but on the whole it’s a very impressive puzzler and an incredible technical achievement. An inventive Sci-Fi puzzle adventure where death really is your friend, not sure if you should trust that Alice though!

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