Time Traveling Space Pirates – Game Jam Build Download

time travelling space pirates game

Time Traveling Space Pirates, a fun looting, rum drinking, pirate game made for the Low Rez Jam, has you pretending to be pirates while you pillage inferior earthlings!

You and your gang of alien friends have decided to go to Earth and pretend to be pirates! You got a ship and plan on docking at islands to then pillage and steal their treasure. After you’ve moved your ship to the island’s dock, you must get to the treasure chest to steal it, then get back to your ship in one piece. The treasure chest, however, may not be the only source of gold on the island. You can also smash barrels, pots, and crates to get bonus coins. Sometimes there is even rum dotted around which you can drink for a bit more of a challenge. Locals will also appear and start trying to defend their treasure. You have a sharp sword and a gun to help fight them off. Once you have taken everything you must board your ship again.

After you are back on your ship, you can take the portal in the middle of the ocean back to your home planet. You will get charged some fees, but the rest is for you to spend on upgrades. This alien planet is filled with a couple of fun things; a bar, a disco, and a shop for upgrades. Your pirate-alien gang will be hanging out at the various spots around the area, so do not forget to collect them before departing in the portal and pillaging all over again! As you steal more treasure, the islands will start to train more of their locals to fight better, so make sure you do upgrade. Without them, the earthlings might prove to be more powerful.

There’s lots of fun to be had from this charming low rez swashbuckling alien adventure.  Do you and your alien friends have what it takes to become earthly pirates?

Download Time Traveling Space Pirates Here (Win, Mac, & Linux)