Timeless – Beta Download


Timeless is a time bending first person puzzle game that will really test your grey matter to the limits as you record and replay fragments of time to aid your progress.

The initial premise sounds simple – you’re able to record a fragment of time with a simple mouse click, then replay it whenever you like with another click.  Where things get a bit trickier are when you start recording over previous recordings – such as recording one platforms movement, then recording another platforms movements on-top of it – requiring quite a bit of forward planing at times.

There is a bit of a Portal vibe in Timeless, mainly as you’re traversing various test areas, but the time bending gameplay is far different from Valves offering.  Once you get to grips with Timeless it’s a unique experience with satisfyingly complex puzzles, but be warned, the time bending gameplay may just break your mind!

If You Get Stuck, Check Out The Walkthrough HERE

Download the Timeless Beta HERE