Timothy and the Tower of Mu – Alpha Demo

Timothy and the Tower of Mu is a brutally tough hardcore precision platforming adventure where you attempt to climb to the top of a mysical tower to save your grandfather.

In Timothy and the Tower of Mu you follow the adventure of Timothy, a young boy whose grandfather has recently died. Armed with a catapult and some nifty climbing skills, Timothy sets out in search of a mystical tower, which is said to grant anyone who manages to reach the top a wish – which he plans to use to save his grandfather. It’s REALLY not going to be easy though!

Drawing inspiration from classics like Faxandu, Kid Icarus and Demon’s Crest, Timothy and the Tower of Mu is an old school action platforming adventure that will punish you for your mistakes. You do have health that enemies will deplete if they hit you, but the tower is full of deadly traps that will insta-kill you if you touch them. Checkpoints are few and far between too, so you really need to be careful.

There is an issue with a slight delay to the jump at the moment (which is being fixed), and the difficulty level and infrequent checkpoints may cause many a rage-quit, but there’s a lot to like about Timothy and the Tower of Mu. The “Pimped NES” graphical style is fantastic, the game world is well designed and your character is satisfyingly nimble. You will die a lot, but with a bit of skill and a lot of perseverence you may yet conquer that tower!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Timothy and the Tower of Mu Alpha Demo Here (Windows)