Tiny Avengers – Prototype Build

Tiny Avengers

Tiny Avengers is a charming old school beat-em-up featuring adorable mini versions of the Avengers, that could be something very special if the devs expand on it.

The current build is VERY basic, offering just a single screen, no audio, one character (Captain America) and waves of Autonomous Ultron Sentries to fight, but it does show a lot of promise.  The current build was created after just 37 hours of development, has excellent pixel art animation and adorable tiny character design.  The devs clearly have a passion for the Marvel Universe, and are very keen to expand on Tiny Avengers (if Marvel allows it) and turn it into a fully fledged side scrolling beat-em-up featuring all the Avengers, boss fights and local multiplayer.

Hopefully the devs are allowed to continue to work on Tiny Avengers as it’s been a long time since a true comic book beat-em-up has graced our screens and we’d relish the chance to fight with all the Avengers (even Hawkeye!)

Check Out a Tiny Avengers Gameplay Video HERE

Play Tiny Avengers in a Unity Supported Browser HERE