Tiny Fragments – Game Jam Build

Tiny Fragments is a fun little pixel art puzzle game where you rearrange the tiles that make up the levels to help your character avoid hazards and collect fruit.

Created for Ludum Dare 46, in Tiny Fragments you can’t control the character, but you can control what areas of the level it walks through. Your character auto-walks like a Lemming and each level is made up of tiles that you can grab and swap positions with the other tiles. You need to rearrange the level on-the-fly so that the character reaches the fruit without being impaled by spikes. Things start off fairly easily, but as you progress the puzzles get trickier as switches, keys and locks are introduced.

The “rearrange the level” concept has been explored before (in games such as TaniNani Puzezl and Quavo) but it’s a great little bite-sized puzzle game with charming pixel art visuals and inventive level design. Well worth checking out for ten levels of head-scratching level shifting fun.

Play Tiny Fragments Here (Browser)