Tiny Kingdom Builder – Game Jam Build

Tiny Kingdom Builder is a charming and fast paced little Puyo-Puyo-esque match 3 puzzler that sees you building little kingdoms to earn points.

Tiny Kingdom Builder features a fun blend of Tetris and Puyo-Puyo style arcade puzzler gameplay with you trying to try to align matching tiles to create big kingdoms and earn big points. In the game you score points by placing tiles on the board, with you earning more points by creating large areas of matching tiles (kingdoms) and earning extra points if they have special crystals in them. When the grid is filled up and you can’t place any more tiles then all the kingdoms that are made up of three or more tiles are removed and you can continue to fill up the grid again.

It’s a simple looking, but surprisingly intricate little puzzler, with addictive gameplay, charming pixel art visuals and a super catchy soundtrack. A fun little fusion of Tetris and Puyo-Puyo puzzling well worth checking out.

Play Tiny Kingdom Builder Here (Browser)