Tiny Mighty – Open Beta

tiny mighty beta

Tiny Mighty is a new MMORPG that we’re amazed has got past Marvel’s lawyers, with it’s adorable (but surely copyright infringing) super-cute versions of the comic book giants super heroes.

The characters in Tiny Mighty do have slightly different names from the Marvel originals, so you end up with characters called ‘Rabid Racoon’, ‘Black Spider’, The Hunk’, ‘Human Fire’, ‘Magnet Man’ and ‘The Archer’ among many the others.  These humorous spins on the original characters do raise a smile, but sadly that’s all there is to enjoy in this rather lacklustre MMORPG.  Aside from the characters (which aren’t really theirs anyway), Tiny Mighty offers some rather mundane gameplay.

It’s free to play and playable in a browser, with no download necessary, so you might want to check it out just for the characters, but the gameplay won’t keep you coming back for more.  A mighty shame.

UPDATE: This Beta Is No Longer Available