Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery – Beta Demo

Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery is a stylish isometric puzzle adventure which sees you searching for your father in a mysterious town where everyone has gone missing.

In Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery you step into the shoes of a private detective who has just travelled to the town of Redcliff after receiving a letter from his father asking for help. However, when you get there the town is totally abandoned. Where has everyone gone and where is your father?

Each location you visit in Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery is essentially an intricate self-contained puzzle that plays like a blend of a puzzle box and a traditional point and click adventure. The beautifully crafted 3D isometric environments can be rotated and you can zoom in, interact with, pick up and use objects. There’s a lot of detail crammed into each environment and you’ll need a keen eye to spot some of the useful effects.

It’s a great game that scratches the same itch as the excellent The Room games, with intricate puzzle design and a very tactile feel to the way you interact with the game world. A cleverly crafted puzzle adventure well worth delving into.

Download The Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery Beta Demo Here (Steam)

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