tiny & Tall: Gleipnir – Alpha Demo

tall and tiny gleipnir

tiny & Tall: Gleipnir is a beautiful hand drawn Norse mythology-based point and click adventure in which you assist tiny and Tall, two rather incompetent blacksmiths, on an epic quest to forge a magical link that will hold Fenrir – a gigantic wolf so powerful it can devour the Gods.

The Alpha Demo offers a short taster of things to come and is a fun introduction to the protagonists, with tiny ordered to locate and retrieve Tall’s hammer.  It’s a brief 10 minute experience that shows of the artwork, the intuitive interface and sets up the duo’s dynamic well, with the downtrodden tiny being bossed about by the overbearing Tall.

In the full game the duo are sent on a quest to find the six bizarre ingredients (sinews of a bear, the beard of a woman, the sound of a cat’s footfall, the roots of a mountain, the spittle of a bird and the breath of a fish) required to forge a link strong enough to hold Fenrir the Wolf – son of Loki and powerful enough to eat the Gods.  Unfortunately for the Gods, tiny & Tall aren’t the most competent of heroes and those ingredients are incredibly rare, so there’s a pretty good chance they’ll be a wolfs dinner before the end!

Adapted from the popular graphic novel of the same name (which is available for free Online), tiny & Tall: Gleipnir impresses with it’s classic point and click gameplay inspired by classic Lucasarts games, beautiful art style and quirky sense of humor.  A whimsical Norse adventure packed with character and charm.

Check Out The tiny & Tall: Gleipnir Online Graphic Novel HERE (Recommended)

Check Out the Kickstarter & Download The Alpha Demo HERE (Win & Mac)