Tiny Thor – Beta Demo

Tiny Thor is a great little 16-bit inspired action platfomer where a cute little eight year old Thor goes on an epic adventure with his new birthday present from his father – Mjölnir.

Initially Tiny Thor feels like a well made but fairly standard retro action platforming adventure with you able to collect goodies and jump on enemy heads to kill them. But then Odin gives you Mjölnir and things get a whole lot more interesting. Mjölnir isn’t just a handy throwable weapon – it’s central to the design of the game and is used in some very creative ways throughout.

You can throw Mjölnir in any direction, after which it can pretty much bounce around the screen forever until you call it back. This comes in handy in lots of inventive ways, with you able to use it to solve puzzles, attack enemy weak spots or get it to rebound around rooms to clear enemies or get consecutive hits on bosses.

Tiny Thor already feels like a classic action platforming adventure. It really impresses with tight controls, high quality animation, excellent sound design and creative puzzle design that makes great use of your Mjölnir-flinging skills. An epic adventure with a tiny hero.

Download The Tiny Thor Beta Demo Here (Steam)