Tiny Voxels – Tech Demo

Tiny Voxels is an impressive little sandbox where you can wander around and freely build and destroy structures instantly.

Although it’s called Tiny Voxels, the game is not actually created in a voxel engine – It’s created using the Raymarcher Renderer. The tech demo has no goals, but it allows you to wander around a large world and freely build, deform and blow it up as you like. You have an assortment of different building tools (Earth, Grass, Sand and Light), and you can also launch rockets or instantly print out a house.

It’s a long way off being a full game, but the mechanics are a lot of fun and you can spend a lot of time exploring and deforming around (and inside) the world. Even though it’s just a tech demo, it’s already pretty impressive, especially considering the paltry 37MB download size!

Download The Tiny Voxels Prototype Here (Windows & Mac)