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tiny wizard

Tiny Wizard is a fast paced 2D top-down procedurally generated roguelike with a focus on combat and a variety of fun and powerful spells to unleash upon the different creatures that want to kill and devour you.

Each time you defeat a boss you’ll receive a new item for you to test on the creatures, and by test we mean kill them in a cool new way.  The game is challenging, with beautiful pixelated art style, great audio and snazzy graphical effects.  Also, let’s not forget about perma death – even wizards are mortal!

UPDATE: This Alpha Is No Longer Available

3 thoughts on “Tiny Wizard – Alpha Download”

  1. Idk if the dev reads this but here are some suggestions for the game.

    – Harder enemies have a higher chance of dropping mana, preferably the larger mana drops, as they often require multiple spells to take down efficiently
    – more health drops (not sure whether this is a good idea or not, just throwing it out there)
    – make it so whenever you enter a room, there is a certain area around you where monsters cannot spawn, as i often get hit when an enemy spawns on top of me
    – room counter on the HUB and on the death screen, many times i die not knowing what room i got to since i’m not expecting every room to kill me
    – more items and wands
    – wands in shops
    – unlockables (new wizards, items, etc)
    – those new wizards would have different spells of course

    That’s it for now, feel free to copy and paste this wherever the dev gets feedback from.

    • Also
      -larger hitbox for slimes and the small bats
      -less color when you get hit (it blocks the ability to dodge enemies as you lose sight of them)
      -more wands that can consume mana (all others leave you manaless after 1 room it seems) like the default one so you can reasonably take 2 new wands per run
      -audio options
      -MUSIC (more on the ambient side)
      -pause game with options and stuff
      -a reticle
      -ability to hold down fire

      I know this is long, but this game does have a long way to go before its release, so at least some of these should be implemented

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