Tiny Worlds in Flasks – Game Jam Build Download

Tiny Worlds in Flasks Game Download

Tiny Worlds in Flasks, a fun game made for the Ludum Dare 38, lets you create your own little worlds inside different containers.

There’s no set objective in Tiny Worlds in Flasks, you asimply choose different aspects of a world and arrange them however you please. You can choose the background color, the type of container, the environment and the scenery. Some jars have more space than others, but all of them offer beautiful and interesting building choices.

You have a choice of three different environments. One will allow you to create a world on and in a lake, another gives you a grassland, and the last gives you a forest. These environments will decide what you get to pick in the final decoration category.  There are a few creatures that may live in your world without you selecting and placing them. If your jar is big enough, you will find fish in the lake biome and birds in the field biome that really bring the world to life!

It’s a simple little game that offers a charming and relaxing little sandbox environment to play around with.  Well worth checking out for some Zen-like micro-world building fun.

Download or Play Tiny Worlds in Flasks Here (Windows & Browser)