TinyWars – Prototype Download


TinyWars, a cute Anime-styled tower defense game in the prototype stage, has you placing down witches to defend yourself against hordes of enemies in strategic and surprisingly bloody warfare.

In TinyWars, you start off in an adorable world, looking to defend a small person on a chess piece. Monsters will come across the screen looking to make it to the chess piece to destroy it. You must place down witches to defend the path to the end from monsters. Currently, there are two types of witches – one that shoots fireballs out and another with a sword to slice enemies. Both of these witches can also be upgraded to do more damage in a greater area.

As you play this game, narratives will come between each level from a head person called Mary. Mary will tell you about the enemies, build up the story, hint to the future, or just tell you what the creators of the game are doing. All of the creatures in this game may look cute, but it is a real challenge to keep your defenses sharp enough to defeat them. Soon, waves and waves of enemies will be too much for you to keep up with and sudden lane changes will also keep you on your toes, so you’ll have to manage your towers well!

TinyWars offers a fun twist on the tower defense genre, with its quirky story, addictive gameplay and adorable visuals punctuated by lots of blood splatter. Well worth checking out for those that like a nice helping of Anime oddity with their tower defense!

Check Out a Gameplay Video of TinyWars Here

Download The TinyWars Prototype Here (Win & Android)