TIRELESS: Prepare For The Adrenaline – Beta Demo

TIRELESS: Prepare For The Adrenaline is an adrenaline-fuelled speedrunning hardcore third person platformer where you flip, dash, run and slide through neon-filled gravity-defying tracks.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer during the closed Beta sign up last year, TIRELESS: Prepare For The Adrenaline is fast paced Sci-Fi platformer where you race through tracks and look incredibly cool while doing it. In the game you control a futuristic bipedal robot called a Pacer, and compete in a tournament with an aim of winning the title of “Legendary Speedster”. The Pacer is fast and agile, able to slide, jump and boost, and capable of achieving very high speeds via the use of Adrenaline Orbs.

The current Beta only consists of a training level and one full level but it’s a huge amount of fun and offers plenty of replayability as you try to shave seconds off your time. It looks absolutely beautiful and the level is well designed to test out your skills in different ways. It’s your Pacer that’s the star of the show through – allowing for tight controls and high speeds while still showing off with plenty of flair. There’s absolutely no reason your Pacer should be flipping, barrel-rolling and back-flipping in the air when you jump, but damn does it look cool! Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download the TIRELESS: Prepare For The Adrenaline Beta Here (Click “Request Access”)