Titan Souls – Prototype Redux Download

titan souls gameplay

Titan Souls is a superb super-hard, one hit kill 2D blend of Dark Souls and Shadow of the Colossus that requires precision timing and skill to evade death.

We first covered the Game Jam version of Titan Souls last year.  Since then, development has continued and the game is due for full release on the 14th of April on Windows, Mac, PS4 and Vita.  To give a taster of the exquisite pain to come, the devs have released Titan Souls: Prototype Redux, a recreation of the three titan fights from the original Game Jam version, but in the gorgeous new engine.

Needless to say Titan Souls is still ridiculously tough, which can lead to some rather comical deaths as your little hero is flattened in an instant by the deadly Titans, but it also leads to some very enjoyable gameplay that rewards skill and perseverance.  Titan Souls will certainly show you what you’re made of (and leave it flattened on the floor).

Watch us get Instantly Squashed by all Three Titans HERE

Download Titan Souls: Prototype Redux HERE or Via Steam HERE (Win & Mac)