Titanic: Honor and Glory – Alpha Demo

Titanic Honor and Glory Game Download

Titanic: Honor and Glory looks set to offer players, murder and mystery aboard an incredibly highly detailed recreation of the Titanic that will sink in real time.

We first featured Titanic: Honor and Glory on Alpha Beta Gamer over a year ago and were very impressed with the level of detail the devs had put into the ship. The latest build vastly expands on the previous one, with even more detail within the ship, access to new areas and the ability to admire it from the outside. It also includes a narrative of sorts, with you taking on the role of a ship inspector and his voice-narrated musings telling his thoughts on the ship and providing insightful commentary on its majesty.

The star of the show is still the Titanic though – the level of detail, it’s gigantic size and the decadent luxury of is breathtaking. It looks incredible on a standard screen, but on Oculus Rift or HTC Vive it pretty much feels like you’ve been transported back in time. You can explore a large portion of the ill-fated ship, from the super posh upper levels to the dark and grimey engine room, discovering some fun easter eggs along the way.

Titanic: Honor and Glory is still a work in progress and the current demo build is just a small slice of what’s to come, with none of the gameplay elements implemented yet. The finished game will see you unravelling a Sherlock Holmes-esque mystery while the Titanic sinks in real time. Before it hits the iceberg you’ll be able to use disguises, pretend to be crew members and chat to guests as you unravel a plot of robbery and murder. After it hits the iceberg, during the 2 Hours and 40 seconds it takes to sink, the interior environment will change dramatically – with you still attempting to solve the mystery, while also exploring countless real-life side stories as passengers fight for their survival.

It’s a very ambitious game and the devs have already managed to build a near perfect recreation of the Titanic – every furnishing and structural component seems to be present and correct down to the last rivet. Can’t wait to see what happens when it sinks!

Check Out a Titanic: Honor and Glory Gameplay Video Here

Download The Titanic: Honor and Glory Alpha Demo Here (Standard Screen & VR)