Titanic: Honor and Glory – Pre-Alpha Demo

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Titanic: Honor and Glory is a ridiculously highly detailed Unreal Engine 4 powered first person adventure set aboard the Titanic during it’s fateful voyage, that sees you disguising yourself as crewmembers and performing their duties as you attempt to unravel a Sherlock Holmes-esque mystery.

Played entirely in a first person perspective, Titanic: Honor and Glory features a fictional backstory of bank robieries and murders, but is grounded very much in the realism of the Titanic’s first and final voyage. Every little detail will be recreated, with players able to explore every corner of the gigantic ship.

Before the disaster strikes the player must use disguises, pretending to be crew members and guests as he attempts to uncover who was the mastermind of a huge international heist. However, things change dramatically once the iceberg hits, with the entire 2 hours and 40 minutes that it took for the Titanic to sink taking place in real time and all sense or order is thrown out the window. During this stage of the game, the player will have access to the entire ship, with no need for disguises and can choose whether to use this time to help unravel the mystery of the heist, escape or follow countless real-life side stories as passengers fight for survival.

It’s a slightly morbid, but ambitious and very intriguing prospect, allowing players to experience first hand the fateful events of the Titanic’s maiden voyage. The Pre-Alpha Demo allows you to freely roam a sizable section of the ship, and thanks to the opulence of the surroundings and the attention to detail it really is a remarkable experience. There’s no gameplay yet, but the visual design is excellent and there’s lots of interesting info about the different areas of the ship (including, in another rather morbid touch, the real names of the occupants of the cabins).

As well as the Pre-Alpha Demo the devs of Titanic: Honor and Glory have just released a 2 hour and 40 minute long video on YouTube in which you can watch as the Titanic sinks in real time. This is a little unsettling, particularly at the end when you can hear the screams, but it’s obviously far less graphic than James Cameron’s effort and at least you won’t have to listen to any Celine Dion songs!

It may sound a little grim at times, but Titanic: Honor and Glory really is an exciting prospect, an exciting adventure aboard a highly detailed recreation of the Titanic. There are even plans to implement different modes, such as Tour Mode (which will also include partial recreations of cities), Simulator Mode (which will allow you to actually drive the Titanic) and Multiplayer Modes which will allow players to mingle and take in the opulence of the Titanic together. Unlike the ship it’s based on, with all these features and it’s remarkable attention to detail, Titanic: Honor and Glory looks destined to succeed.

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Download The Titanic: Honor and Glory Pre-Alpha Demo Here (Win & Mac)