Title_Pending – Alpha Demo

Title_Pending is a fun and eerie Stanley Parable inspired 4th wall breaking adventure where a playtest for a new game gets seriously weird.

In Title_Pending you take on the role of a playtester who has been hired to find any bugs in an upcoming (still to be titled) game. You’re guided through the experience by the developer, Matthew Stanton, who tells you where to go and gives you a little insight into the development process. Your first playthrough seems fairly straightforward, but then things start to get weird…

It’s hard to judge a game like Title_Pending just by the demo, but it definitely shows a lot of promise. Hopefully the full game will have a lot more branches, but it’s already got a nice mixture of humor and 4th wall breaking strangeness. It’s a lot of fun and there are lots of great little details and easter eggs to discover that warrant multiple playthroughs. The voice acting is great and the narrative is particularly intriguing. This is far from a normal playtest – there’s something sinister going on in Title_Pending and it’ll be interesting to see what’s behind door 233!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Title_Pending Alpha Demo Here (Steam)