To Be Continued – Game Jam Build Download

To Be Continued is a narrative driven RPG adventure where characters that have been killed off in movies, literature and video games fight each other for their survival.

In To Be Continued your character has been killed off in the first pages of a book. He took a bullet to save the main character and is now dead and pretty much forgotten about for the rest of the book. He now travels to a place where all dead fictional characters go to – a place where they all have to fight for a chance to live again.

The fights in To Be Continued are RPG style battles where teams of characters face off against each other in turn-based combat. Your character teams up with a cheerful JRPG character who was fridged in her game and a moody clawed creature from a Sci-Fi anime story. Along the way you learn more about your team and your rivals’ stories, but looming over the whole proceedings is the fact that there can only be one person who wins.

It’s a great little high concept game with interesting characters and excellent writing. The turn based combat is easily accessible but still has a nice selection of moves and a good amount of depth. You really get invested in the character’s stories and you even feel a little bit sad when you defeat your rivals. Hopefully their story is to be continued in future instalments!

Download To Be Continued Here (Windows)