To Do List – Game Jam Build Download

To Do List Game Download

To Do List, a mysterious point and click adventure made for the Ludum Dare 38, has you surviving each and every day alone on an island – that is until you start to realize that not everything is okay. In-fact things are far from okay on this cheerful little island.

In To Do List, you wake up with a list of things that you must accomplish before going to sleep. You are the only person on this island, so no one is going to do any of the work for you or with you. You must work on accomplishing everything needed based on the small guides on the list.

At the end of each day, you will be able to go to sleep before starting a new day (which may actually be the day before). The world around you may change slightly, but this never surprises your character. He’s a cheerful little fellow and seems to just deal with whatever comes at him. Sometimes the chores are not obvious, so you may need to play around with a few things before you figure out exactly what to do.

Now, after a few days, things start to go a bit… strange. Your character’s chores become less normal, almost not making sense. From there, things get dark and a WHOLE lot weirder. We highly recommend playing this one through to completion – appearances can be deceiving in this twisted little adventure.

Note: The controls are a bit confusing at first. You need to Right Click on an item to use it and can left click and drag items in your inventory to combine them.  Read the game page or watch the play through below for more info.

Check Out a Full Walkthrough Here

Download To Do List Here (Win Only)