To Hell With Dave – Alpha Demo

To Hell With Dave is a funny 2D pixel art platforming adventure where you can kill yourself and use previous versions of yourself to aid your progress.

In To Hell With Dave you control a demon called Bacon who pines for something more than being cooped up in Hell. However when he ventures out to make his escape he accidentally destroys Father Time’s hourglass and plunges the world into disarray. One useful benefit of this is that now he can’t die. If he does meet an untimely demise or kills himself then he’ll just respawn and be able to work alongside previous versions of himself to get past obstacles.

To Hell With Dave does have a rather lengthy intro which is quite funny but also means that it’s around nine minutes until you start playing the game properly. When you do get into the puzzle platforming gameplay it’s great fun though. It plays a little like Super Meat Boy, with deadly hazards that can instantly kill you and each of your previous lives being recorded. However, in To Hell With Dave these recordings of previous lives are played out at the same time as you play and you can use them to your advantage in different ways – such as standing on your corpses to cross deadly spikes or using them to activate switches that open doors.

The current demo build of To Hell With Dave takes around 25 minutes to play through and really impresses with its excellent pixel art animation, nice sense of humor and inventive level design that makes use of your death-defying abilities. A hellish puzzle platformer that plays like a slice of heaven.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download the To Hell With Dave Alpha Demo Here (Windows)