To The Core – Student Project Game

To The Core is a challenging third person action platformer roguelike that sees you exploring procedurally generated worlds and fighting a robot army that has kidnapped your father.

In To The Core you take on the role of Emily, the daughter of an absent-minded inventor who has been throwing all of his failed robotic inventions into an interdimensional trash can for years. However, the robots eventually formed a civilization, kidnapped their creator and are planning to cause chaos in the your world. It’s up to you to fight back against the robotic menace and save your father before he gets in any more trouble.

The robot-battling action platforming gameplay in To The Core feels fondly reminiscent of Ratchet and Clank, but with a focus on melee combat rather than guns. The game generates a new world for you to explore each time you play and features online leaderboards and weekly challenges which see everyone testing their skills in the same level. Even though they’re procedurally generated the environments don’t feel generic and they offer up a real challenge at times – particularly when you find yourself fighting a big group of robots.

To The Core does try to position itself as a speed running game, but the controls and combat are a little too imprecise to make it suited to that genre of gaming. It’s much better to forget about speedrunning and look at it more as a Ratchet and Clank style 3D platforming adventure with an infinite amount of procedurally generated levels. A cheerful and challenging roguelike action platforming adventure well worth checking out.

Download To The Core Here (Steam)