To The Hell – Alpha Demo


To The Hell is a super fast paced single screen roguelike action platformer in which you unlock stackable upgrades and contend with the random modifiers each level throws at you as you use lots of badass weaponry to fight masses of deadly demons on an elevator to Hell.

To The Hell’s fast, frantic arcade gameplay draws inspiration from Mega Man, Super Crate Box and Metal Slug as you attempt to stay alive for as long as possible in an ever ascending elevator that’s continually mobbed by demons. There’s not much room on the elevator, so there’s very little margin for error but you have a nifty roll move that can get you out of tight spots and there’s a great selection of cool weaponry to blow those demons back to hell with. At the end of each level you’re given a choice of handy randomly selected power-ups that will aid your survival, but each new level also has a unique modifier that more often than not, makes things tougher (such as sticky floors or black clouds that obscure the top of the screen).

It’s still early in development (not even the name if final yet), but To The Hell is already a blast to play. An adrenaline fuelled elevator ride that’s perfect for a quick hit of arcade run and gun action. The most action packed elevator ride of your life!

Check Out To The Hell On Greenlight Here

Play The To The Hell Alpha Demo Here (Browser)