Toad In Fairy-Moon Kingdom – Alpha Demo

toad in moon fairy kingdom

Toad In Fairy-Moon Kingdom, a game being created by Kyle Opatik, is a fantastically designed rotating 2D platformer in which you jump between little planetoids with a hope of breaking the curse that turned you into a toad.

You play as a little toad, wandering the vast planets of an unknown galaxy. Here you’re faced with a singular mission, make it to the end of each planet before the inhabitants or plant life kill you. The game is, as stated, a platformer so there is plenty of jumping to be had in this one, as well as lots of secret passageways that can be found by throwing objects at them.

As you proceed through the first stages you learn to dodge enemies, or better still blow them up with the local fauna instead. The controls are extremely easy to grasp, which makes the game playable to pretty much everyone. Toad In Fairy-Moon Kingdom is also drawn beautifully, the colours of the grass and worlds pop at you with vibrant shades of green for the landscape and a light purple hue for the background that is filled with stars that emit light from the planets surface.

Although the demo itself might be short, this game will have you begging for more as soon as you realise it’s over.  Certainly worth getting a-round to!

Download the Toad in Fairy-Moon Kingdom Demo Here (Windows)