Toasterball – Alpha Demo

Toasterball is a fabulous physics based competitive multiplayer sports game that sees you using toasters to outscore your opponent in a variety of sporting battles.

The full version of Toasterball will feature a variety of different sports to play with your toasters, including football, boxing, volleyball, bowling and catapult battles. The current build just features one game mode though, Pong-esqe tennis mode, and it’s a whole lot of fun!

The toasters in Toasterball are controlled with just two buttons, with each button controlling the corresponding left or right toaster slot. If you press and release the right toaster slot then the toaster will hop right, operating the left roaster slot will move you left and operating both at the same time will make the toaster jump straight up into the air. Also, if you have any toast in your toaster slots then they will be flung into the air.

Your aim is to use your rudimentary toaster controls to knock the ball past your opponent in a 1v1 match that features a different gameplay modifiers for each round. There are lots of fun modifiers, such as tiny toasters, toastless matches or even 2D Pong battles.

The current build of Toasterball may just feature one mode, but it still has lots of variety and it’s a blast to play. The visuals are excellent and once you get to grips with your toaster’s controls you can manage a surprising amount of finesse with them and pull of some spectacular (or downright lucky) shots. You’ll never look at your kitchen toaster in the same way again!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Toasterball Here (Windows)