A Beta for the unreleased Dreamcast game, Toejam and Earl 3 has been unearthed and is now available to download!   ZahookiTM found the files lurking inside an old Dreamcast Devkit that he bought off ebay, and has very nicely released the game, free for us all to play.

he game plays quite similarly to the original toejam & Earl games but in glorious 3D, it controls well, features 3 playable characters and still retains the sense of humour of the originals.  

As it was still in development, there are no cutscenes, you just begin at the start of the map and go to the elevator to reach the next level.  Levels 1 to 9 are stable, with levels above that becoming more unstable and crashing quite often.

It’s an interesting curio from Sega’s history, and we’d highly recommend grabbing a copy of it before they get wind of it and shut ZahookiTM down.  You can use an emulator or just burn the image to a disk and play it on your Dreamcast (as it was meant to be played!)

UPDATE: This Beta Is No Longer Available