TOGGLD – Game Jam Build

TOGGLD is an addictive little binary based puzzle shooter where you have to create binary sequences so that they match the numerical values of the enemies you shoot.

In TOGGLD your aim is to survive for as long as possible and rack up as high a score as possible as ships attack your home planet. The planet is equipped with auto defenses that will immediately obliterate any ship within its perimeter, BUT you need to match the numbers on the incoming ships with those of your defenses. The catch being that the numbers on the ships are presented in normal decimal form and your defenses use a binary system!

You attempt to match the ships’ numbers to your defenses ones by turning the binary toggles at the bottom of the screen on and off (so for instance 5 would be 1,0,1). Things start off fairly easily, but soon more binary toggles and larger numbers are introduced, requiring you to do some mental arithmetic very quickly to keep up!

It’s a simple premise which is very well executed and makes for a very unique and addictive little game. A shooter where quick thinking is far more important than quick reflexes.

Check out a Gameplay Video Here

Download TOGGLD Here (Windows)