Tokyo Warfare Turbo – Alpha Download

Tokyo Warfare Turbo is a carnage-filled arcade tank warfare game that allow you to do battle with a variety of different tanks in urban Japanese environments.

A sequel to the popular original Tokyo Warfare game, Tokyo Warfare Turbo allows you to roll out in a wide variety of heavily armored tanks and cause chaos in Japanese urban settings. It’s currently single player only with you able to take part in Survival, Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch modes against bots. You have a choice of six different factions, each with their own unique tanks and interestingly you can also choose between playing in Anime or HD modes, with the visual and audio FX being significantly different in each mode.

Tokyo Warfare Turbo is still early in development so does have quite a few rough edges (such as the development console popping up now and again), but the core gameplay is already great fun and the tank models look fantastic. Blowing up other tanks is very satisfying and you can do a serious amount of destruction to the environment too. A rough, but fun arcade tank combat game well worth rolling out with.

Note: Press ‘Q’ to change your camera angle.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Tokyo Warfare Turbo Alpha Here (Steam)