Tolroko – Prototype Download

Tolroko is a visually stunning open-world sci-fi adventure that’s inspired by the Barsoom books.

It’s is set in a procedurally generated alien planet that’s populated with cities and villages filled with different types of alien races. Playing as a human, you explore, shape your character and interact with the aliens through combat, trade, and diplomacy.

In Tolroko you will have the freedom to choose your adventure, gathering resources to help you survive, trading with locals, and making tools needed to construct fun machinery – like a hover bike!  It’s an impressive game, as you walk or fly around the game’s world at times it looks and feels like a you’re part of a visually stunning intractable art piece.  This is a place you really want to explore.

Download the Prototype HERE (VERY early build with plenty of bugs, please keep in mind while playing it!)