Tom Clancy’s The Division – Open Beta (PS4, Xbox One & PC)

the division beta

Tom Clancy’s The Division is now in Open Beta on PS4, Xbox One and PC, featuring significant improvements over the Closed Beta, new weapons and a new mission!

One of the chief complaints about the Closed Beta was that encounters were few and far between when exploring the Dark Zone – thankfully Ubisoft have addressed this, by significantly increasing the amount of non-player characters in the area. There are also new high-end weapons to find int he Dark Zone, as well as being able to unlock the upgrade in the base of operations tech wing. You’ll also encounter a new faction (The Cleaners) in the new ‘Subway Morgue’ mission.

The Beta will run from today until Feb 21st and all that participate will unlock an exclusive reward in the full game, so if you fancy shining a light on the Dark Zone, Download it now!

More Info & PC Beta Download Here

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  1. This kinds off games use to be, not really so interesting to me, but this game was really nice, toke a bit of time to get in to the game but now action all the way, nice game. There was some small audio bugs etc, but it is beta so. The story is really nice.
    Watch my playlist here:

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