Tom vs The Armies of Hell – Alpha Demo

Tom vs the armies of hell

Tom vs The Armies of Hell is humorous top-down isometric action adventure game with a that plays like a mix of Ratchet & Clank and Bastion.  It has some minor puzzles and light RPG elements but mainly you will be fighting things and advancing the genuinely funny story.

In AOH you play as Tom, a computer programmer whose office is plunged into the depth of Hell, with a left arm that was replaced by a demonic one when you were saved by a demonic imp.  As well as looking cool, this arm allows you to change your form into a large demonic monster for short periods of time when you collect power-upscapable of killing enemies with a single hit.

The Alpha Demo gives you access to the whole first level (bar the massive end boss), with a huge variety of weapons to pick up and dispatch the demonic hordes with.  It’s a thoroughly enjoyable romp, with a colourful cartoony graphical style, lots of weaponry and a wry sense of humour.

UPDATE: This Alpha Demo Is No Longer Available