Tombwater – Alpha Demo

Tombwater is a Bloodborne inspired weird west action RPG set in a cursed town fiIled with Eldritch monstrosities.

Currently in development by Max Mraz (creator of the excellent Bloodborne fan game, Yarntown), Tombwater is a weird west action RPG built in Solarus, a game engine primarily known for (some very good) Link to the Past style Zelda fan games. This means that the movement and combat are a little Zelda-ish, but there’s also a very strong Bloodborne influence too, with spells, firearms, bonfires and shortcuts to unlock.

The game follows a lone gunslinger who goes to visit an old friend in the town of Tombwater. It seems that the town is cursed and overrun with Eldritch beasts. You’ll battle the monsters, meet strange NPCs and discover the dark Eldritch secrets the town is hiding.

It’s an excellent game with high quality pixel artwork, an intriguing lore, great monster design and a very cool weird west vibe. Particularly impressive is the level design and the diverse selection of combat options available to you. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Tombwater Gameplay Video Here

Download The Tombwater Alpha Demo Here (Windows)