Tongue Pong – Game Jam Build

tongue pong

Tongue Pong, a smutty pong game made for the Bad Boxart Challenge, has you playing naked pong in a game that has been inspired by the boxart of a bad adult video game.

You and your friend, playing local multiplayer (or you can play against the computer) pick out a character. There are quite a few characters to select; a couple of women with different hair colors or styles, face shapes, skin colors, or a man, or a bear. Tongue Pong draws inspiration from the box art of an adult video game (Beat’em & Eat’em), so in light of that, you can control how nude your character is.  The only character that does not give you many options on how dressed you are, is the bear.

Once you have made your selection, it is time to play pong! The pong ball comes in the form of an ice cream cone – one bouncing around the screen. You must use your extremely long tongue to lick the ice cream cone, flicking it back and forth. Only licking the ice cream scoop will bounce it back so be sure to avoid the cone! It has quite simple gameplay and is only really fun in multiplayer, like most pong games, but is spiced up by silly premise and naughty visuals that are bound to raise a few laughs.

Play Tongue Pong Here (Browser)