TOP SECRET – Pre-Alpha Demo


TOP SECRET is an innovative e-mail based non-linear interactive fiction game inspired by the Edward Snowden leaks, in which you play a new recruit at the NSA who has been tasked with hunting down the mole who’s leaking top secret intel to the press.

TOP SECRET blends fact and fiction, with you investigating the journalists involved in the Snowden leaks, cracking their encryption systems and uncovering real messages sent by Edward Snowden at the time.  Played over the course of several days, e-mails are timed, depending on whether the sender is busy, disinterested, cautious, impatient, angry, or excited.

It’s an intriguing concept and playing the game through personal email accounts is a a stroke of genius as it really does make events seem far more realistic (although, hopefully you won’t have to flee the country!)

Note:  TOP SECRET will only send e-mails relevant to playing the game, to quit the game at any time, just e-mail with the word ‘resign’ in the subject line.

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