TOPAD: Obligation – Beta Download

TOPAD: Obligation is a creepy retro horror game where you carry out chores to feed your granny while attempting to escape from your cursed farmland.

In TOPAD: Obligation you take on the role of the last living healthy member of a family that made the mistake of building a farm on cursed land. You are now obligated to look after your granny by cooking a meal for her each day and bringing it to her. Your granny’s home is a short hike through the woods, and each time you bring her food then she’ll tell you a little more of your family’s tragic backstory.

To cook the meals for your granny you need to gather, prepare and cook the various ingredients – all of which takes time. This means that you can only carry out a few of the processes each day and occasionally Granny will just have to go hungry. You don’t want to leave the time between her meals too long though or she’ll starve to death. As well as the meals, you also need to try and find time to repair an old wagon, which will allow you to escape the land with your granny, but the repairs take time so you need to be patient that fit them in when you have a little spare time.

It’s not quite as creepy as the likes of the FAITH games (it could do with a few more nightmares), but there are some freaky moments and it has a great sense of atmosphere. It’s interesting learning more about your family’s tragic backstory and there are four unique endings to discover – most of which are far from happy!

Check out a Gameplay Video Here

Download TOPAD: Obligation Here