Tormentum: Dark Sorrow – Alpha Demo

tormentum 2

Tormentum is a dreamlike 2D adventure game full of intelligent puzzle design and stunning artwork inspired by H.R.Giger and Zdzislaw Beksinski, as well as games such as Demon’s Souls and Dark Seed.

The game is set in an unfriendly, nightmarish, violent world full of Giger-esque art that’s both repulsive and beautiful at once. The protagonist is a man whose faith dealt him short, and despite amnesia he tries to pursue his wandering and not to give up.

The Tormentum Alpha Demo offers a short taster of what the full game will offer, with some inventive puzzles, a dark storyline, an intuitive point n’ click interface, an unsettling music score and some gorgeous artwork.  Tormentum looks set to be a beautiful nightmare that you won’t want to wake up from.

Visit the IndieGoGo Page & Download the Alpha Demo HERE (Win & Mac)