Tormenture – Beta Demo

Tormenture is a nostalgic horror game within a game, where you sit down in front of an Atari 2600 style console and play a game that interacts with the real world.

Drawing inspiration from classic 80’s Atari games (and the FAITH games), Tormenture sees you sitting down in front of your cathode ray TV and playing a new game on your console. At first it seems like a fairly normal Adventure style dungeon crawling adventure, but it’s not long until things start to get weird and the real world and the game world start to blend…

The Tormenture demo takes around 20 minutes to play through and has a great blend of gaming nostalgia, clever game-within-a-game puzzles and horror. Particularly enjoyable are the loving nods to that era of gaming – such as your character drawing the maps, being able to read the manual and having to blow on the cartridge when the game crashes. A spooky love-letter to classic 80’s console gaming.

Check Out A Tormenture Gameplay Video Here

Download The Tormenture Beta Demo Here (Steam)

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