Torn Away – Alpha Demo

Torn Away is a beautiful and touching cinematic adventure that follows the story of a 10 year old girl who tries to make her way home across Germany and Poland during World War II.

In Torn Away you follow the adventure of Asya, a young girl who was torn away from her home by the Nazis to become an Ostarbeiter (essentially a slave worker). After making her escape she now needs to avoid Nazis and survive as she traverses the war-torn lands of Germany and Poland.

The demo build of Torn Away takes around 30 minutes to play through and sees you traversing a snowy wilderness, escaping from Nazis and seeking shelter in an abandoned home. It also shows off the games’ three very different gameplay styles, the first being Limbo-esque physics-based puzzle platforming, the second is a cinematic first person sequence and the third is more like a point and click adventure.

It’s an interesting game with a touching narrative, a beautiful art style and a blend of gameplay styles that shake things up in fun ways. A very unique WWII adventure that weaves a harrowing and heartfelt tale.

Download The Torn Away Alpha Demo Here (Steam)