Torpor – Game Jam Build Download


Torpor, created by Josh O Caoimh and Ludiorum for the Adventure Jame 2016, is a gorgeously detailed narrative piece about a soldier’s journey and the events that led up to his murder.

Although the game has no voice acting or text throughout, Torpor uses interactive items and beautifully designed levels that help the player interpret the events that are happening around them. This method of story telling offers a unique window into the life and death of this soldier as you make your way from scene to scene.

The ominous atmosphere in certain parts of Torpor give the player a sense of dread and fear, which in turn adds to the beauty of the games overall look and feel. The almost silent score was a work of genius, only slightly adding to the complexity of the game while not being to overpowering. In that sense it gives its player a chance to think about each scene more carefully and inspect each layout while the score whispers into your ears like a foot note to the events before you.

For a game that was created in just 2 weeks, Torpor boasts an exciting and rich gameplay experience that will leave the player questioning how the events connect to one another and the realisation of how the soldier finally lost their life. An enjoyable experience that delivers a powerful narrative throughout it’s short, wordless playtime.

Download the Torpor Game Jam Build Here (Windows and Mac)