Total Anarchy – Alpha Download

Total Anarchy is a top down open world action game reminiscent of GTA 1 and 2, which sees you stealing cars, beating up citizens, listening to the radio, using guns, blowing up stuff and basically causing carnage in Pavillion City.

In Total Anarchy you take control of a disgruntled office employee who has just been fired for being crap at his job (and for selling drugs to co-workers). It seems that there’s nothing for it other than to go on a rampage. You can complete missions for cash, hijack over 100 different types of car, steal or buy 26 different weapons and cause havoc all across the city.

The current build of Total Anarchy does still have a lot of rough edges (particularly the car handling and reversing controls), but it’s already great fun and the open world has plenty of buildings to enter and different ways to make a nuisance of yourself. With a bit more polish it could be a perfect answer for those yearning for the good old 2D top down years of GTA.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Total Anarchy Alpha Here (Windows)