Total Tank Simulator – Beta Demo

Total Tank Simulator is a carnage-filled physics-based WWII warfare simulator that allows you to deploy a wide variety of military units and watch as the battle unfolds in single player or online multiplayer game modes.

We’ve featured Total Tank Simulator a couple of times on Alpha Beta Gamer and were very impressed with the grand scale battles, packed full of explosions and carnage. While the previous builds were more akin to physics based sandboxes, which allowed you to line up your armies and watch with glee as they blow each other up, the latest build feels much more like a fully fledged game – complete with a single player campaign and online multiplayer (as well as the sandbox mode).

The core gameplay of Total Tank Simulator revolves around you selecting which units to deploy in the battlefield then watching on as the battle plays out. You can give the units basic commands at the start of the match and you can even jump into any of your units and drive them into battle. You can create some truly massive battles (particularly in Sandbox Mode) and there’s a vast array different types of units to choose from.

A big addition in the latest build is an economy. In the Campaign and Online Multiplayer modes give you have to purchase units with in-game money and if they blow up in battle then they’re gone. This gives real weight to your actions as each unit lost will affect your chances in future battles and losing an entire platoon in a battle can be devastating.

The Campaign mode of Total Tank Simulator is very polished, with cutscenes and full voice acting. It sees you taking orders from your superior officers and your standing with them increasing or decreasing depending on your success (or failure) in battle. It’s quite tough, but it’s a great way to learn the strengths and weaknesses of your units.

The Online Multiplayer inTotal Tank Simulator plays much like the Campaign mode missions, with you purchasing and deploying units on the battlefield in an attempt to destroy your opponent. You can choose the size of battle you’d like to have (the number of units) and you also choose from a selection of cards at the start of the battle – giving you useful buffs for your units.

It’s a very impressive package, that offers a great blend of strategy and physics based military carnage. Physics based sandbox battles where your victories and losses have consequences. A totally awesome tank warfare simulator.

Download The Total Tank Simulator Beta Demo Here (Steam)