TOTM – Alpha Key Giveaway (Steam)

TOTM game

Greenlit on Steam and ready for battle is TOTM, an RPG/RTS hybrid that breathes new life into multiplayer strategy games. Players will take point as a bear or raven protecting their totem base while branching out and destroying “Creep Camps” to gain experience, items, and new spells.

The concept places animals with magical capabilities against each other as they battle it out over a large terrain using spells, melee attacks, and teammates in a real time, hack-and-slash combat frenzy. At any given time, players can access a shop menu to buy and sell items such as speed boosts, health replenishment, and mana potions. The goal is to keep your totem from being destroyed by other players while attempting to annihilate others’ bases.

Run by AI, creeps will protect their own nests, which include beetles, spiders, etc. Gain new abilities like satellite safeguards that surround you like a cloak and deal damage to enemies in close proximity, or the incredibly amazing summon beetles spell that adds companion beetles who follow the player character for a duration and shoot shadow balls at enemies!

The gameplay interface is simplistic and uncluttered. Simply access spells with the hotkeys or toggle items from a small menu to use real time. The game is being developed by a duo who created the game engine from scratch, and has built a solid platform to cater to the inclusion of elements in the future like more spells, items, and creatures.

There’s no doubt we’ll see a wealth of features that expand on the depth that’s been reached already with this title that’s addicting, original, and just plain fun! The sibling duo working hard to bring this title to players can be reached on Twitter, Facebook, or through 

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