Tough Coded: Live – Beta Download

Tough Coded: Live is a bat-shit crazy massively multiplayer Twitch-integrated shoot ‘em up with RPG elements and bizarre bosses (including a robot George Clooney) in which the whole experience is designed in real-time by a game master!

In Tough Coded: Live players can log on and play the game during set times when Little Nando, the game’s designer, is live on Twitch (currently every Friday at 5pm PST and special surprise events). In the sessions Little Nando takes on the role of ‘Game Master’ which is effectively like a blend of a DJ and a D&D style dungeon master – able to design and implement power-ups, enemies, game speed changes, bosses and pretty much everything else in the game on-the-fly, all accompanied by thumping hardcore music.

It’s a clever concept that not only features an incredible onslaught of audio and visual delights, but also makes for a truly ‘live’ video gaming experience. Each session/performance is a one off game that will never be repeated again. The only way to experience it is to be there at the right time and join in as it’s happening. With Tough Coded: Live Little Nando has managed to turn game design into a live performance – an eye melting, foot stomping audio/visual shoot ‘em up that’s as much like turning up to a DJ set as it is playing a game. Sessions start at 5pm PST every Friday, be there or be square!

You Can Tune in To The Tough Coded Livestreams Here (Starts 5pm PST Every Friday)

Download The Tough Coded Beta Here (Windows & Mac)